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Fuzzy Feathers Aviary has evolved from the love I have for birds in my home, to a passion for breeding sweet, tame and beautiful companion birds. For years I have enjoyed many bird species in my home. From that joy grew the passion with which I now raise my birds.   I am located in Airdrie, Alberta.  I raise hand-fed, tame, socialized companion birds that fit right into your family as a treasured member.  Never having more than a few clutches at a time, gives me time to spend with the babies as they develop and grow.


I breed Lineolated Parakeets (Linnies) in colours of green, dark green, cobalt blue, turquoise blue, mauve, creamino, and lutino.  Linnies are wonderful, fun companion birds.  They are good talkers and climb around like monkeys in their cages.  A unique characteristic of these curious little birds is that they pick up their food with their feet!  So cute!


I also breed Fischer Lovebirds, in normal, pied, pastel, violet, cobalt violet, dilute violet, blue, dilute blue, lutino and white.  

I breed Parrotlets in green, blue, yellow, and pastel.  Fischer Lovebirds are one of the most beautiful white eye ring varieties of Lovebirds.  I carefully select my breeding birds as to keep the genetics strictly from the Fischer species of birds.  Many of the lovebirds have been crossed with Peach face and Black Masked varieties which will make a very muddy looking Fischer Lovebird.  I have beautiful mutations that offer a wonderful selection of these colourful, fun little birds!

I breed and hand feed my Budgies in a number of fancy colors and mutations. It is not common for breeders to spend the time hand feeding Budgies, but I adore these amazing birds and stress to my families that they are a parrot and have all the traits of a larger parrot as well as the sweetest personalities!  A hand-fed Budgie cannot be compared to a Pet Store budgie that has been tamed.  Please note that both the male and female budgies are able to talk.  Many sources claim that it is only the males with this ability.  My experience confirms that females are talkers as well!

I have also added Red Factor Yellow Sided Conures to my flock....The red factor is rare and is a new mutation in this area.

I now breed Moustache Parakeets  They are stunning birds with great talking ability!..Very rare in this part of the country!

I have a pair of Alexandrine Parakeets that will be breeding this season as well.  They are lovely birds that are known for their wonderful dispositions and talking ability!

I am now breeding Blue Crown Conures...These colourful conures are not common and make amazing pets.  They are the second largest Conure and are know for their calm personalities and talking ability.  This is the bird featured in the family movie "Paulie".  A stunning green bird with an iridescent glow of blue feathers on their heads.

I have a Jenday Conure pair that produces beautiful babies!...These conures have the clownlike personalities of a conure but have a quieter call than the closely related Sun Conures. 

I am excited to also be working with Rubino Rosellas.  These birds have the most amazing colours and make great pets and aviary birds.  Rosellas are very quiet birds that will sit quietly on your shoulder or close to where you are working and watch everything you do.  They have a very pleasant whistle call and make amazing birds for apartment living!  They are also stunning to look at! 

I am VERY excited to now have a breeding pair of Eclectus Parrots!  I am also weaning a young female Eclectus as my pet.  Poppy will be a pet and later could be half of a second pair of birds in the future.  These are the most colourful of the parrots with very intense colors.  They are very intelligent parrots with talking abilities and just like to hang out with their owners!


The high quality of food used to hand feed and wean my baby birds ensures that once weaned they are of exceptional health and eat a well rounded variety of foods.  My babies are weaned onto pellets, soft food, vegetables, a premium seed mix, and millet.  I never sell unweaned babies and carefully screen all homes that my birds go to.  All my babies go home with a hatch certificate, DNA certificate (if required) samples of the foods they are weaned onto and an extensive package with care instructions to keep your new baby happy and healthy.  The extra care and attention I give my babies, means you will have a tame, kind, happy baby that will develop into a great companion and family member.

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* * * Member in good standing of the AAAC (Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada) * * *