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Quotes I purchased a beautiful yellow female Budgie from Debbie and I am just in love with her. Named her Goldie and she is certainly a lot of sunshine in my life. My GRANDKIDS love her! The first evening I had her home she sat on my chest and tucked her head in her wing and slept. She is so very tame and loving. All I ever imagined! She is a sweet companion for sure. Quotes
Lois Steeves
Happy Mom

Quotes I bought my lutino Cockatiel from Debbie about 6 months ago, he is by far the sweetest and tamest of my three birds. Whenever I come home he wants nothing more than to sit on my shoulder. I decided to name him Ghost Quotes
Very Happy Bird Parent

Quotes We recently adopted a pied/pearled cockatiel from Debbie. The love she has for her birds really shows through their temperaments. He is so kind and gentle. He hasn't shown any aggression since he came home and loves being with us wherever we are in the house. I have already referred Debbie to others. We live a few hours away but the drive was worth it!! We just love our little Joey! Quotes
New customer

Quotes I recently bought my first bird ever from Debbie and could not be happier about it! From the very beginning I could tell how much she loves her birds, and my baby Rubino Rosella was no exception to that! Debbie has been so helpful with all the information she gave to me about Rei's breed and how very shy yet curious they are. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in buying a bird! Quotes
Very satisfied customer

Quotes When my last bird passed away suddenly, I knew that I wanted a new birdy companion. Only, I didn't want a traumatized pet store bird. After a lot of research and searching, I came across Debbie's website. She was amazing from day one. She answered my questions and was clear and honest about the whole process. She really cares about her birds and it shows. I am so happy with the care and attention she took in raising my new baby, Norman. He is incredibly tame, funny and loves to be around all people (he sits on my keyboard as I type...). I highly recommend Debbie and will definitely be coming back to get another budgie! Quotes
I love my budgie!

Quotes I brought home my white baby budgie less than a week ago and I am so happy. She is the most tame bird I've ever owned. Amala, which is what we named her, loves being held and just hanging out with us. Debbie is very passionate about her birds and very helpful with any questions you may have. Quotes
Very happy budgie owner

Quotes I just purchased my first ever bird about a month ago from Debbie and it couldn't have gone better. After thinking and deciding which kind of bird to get we got our beautiful parrotlet Jules. Debbie was helpful even before we decided to get the bird through her and answered all my questions and concerns. When we went to meet her she explained everything about our newest addition and provided care sheets and food/toys to get us started. She introduced us to many of her other birds to socialize them and its clear that her love of birds makes her a fantastic breeder who raises exceptional babies. Once we got Jules home it was obvious she had been hand raised as she had no problems being handled. It took no time for her to warm up to us and be perfectly adjusted to her new forever home. We couldn't be happier to have Jules. Thank you Debbie for all your hard work, its paid off once again! Quotes
Beyond satisfied customer

Quotes "My daughter had wanted to buy a bird for the last few years. We finally thought she was ready to get her bird, and searched online. We were lucky enough to find Debbie's website. Thevwonderful, sweet, friendly cockatiel that she got from Debbie has quickly become a part of our family. He has attached himself to all of us, and would be difficult to replace. We just went to visit family near Edmonton and Ky (our cockatiel) was so well behaved that family commented on his kind temperment. I told them he was like this from the moment we met because of the wonderful breeder (Debbie). . She loves her birds and we are so glad and grateful for the time and love she puts into each of her furry friends. We can't thank you enough for all you do to give each of us such loving members of our family.." Quotes
Joan & Melia
Happy Cockatiel Family

Quotes I got a blue baby budgie a month ago, he's so tame and loves to be out of his cage all the time. He is such a joy. Debbie was wonderful and truly loves her birds. I highly recommend her. Quotes

Quotes I got my very first budgie from Debbie, his name was Kiro. He was so tamed and learnt so many tricks. I was really amazed at the fact that I managed to potty train him in less than 2 weeks. Debbie was always there for Kiro and I and was quick to answer any questions I had. When Kiro passed away, she cried on the phone with me. We mourned together and it is very clear that she cares about her babies. My boyfriend and his bestfriend recently worked with Debbie to plan a surprise for me. They were very secretive and when my boyfriend brought baby Sylvia home, I was super happy! He filmed my reaction to share with Debbie. I'm so grateful that she saved baby Sylvia for me, and baby Sylvia is super tamed. She never bit anyone and was always gentle. She's a total sweetheart. I would never trust getting a budgie from anyone else other than Debbie. I highly recommend her to anyone considering on getting a hand-raised tamed bird. I'm still a new bird mother and Debbie has been a lot of help! Quotes
A Huge Budgie Lover