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Quotes I bought my hand fed Budgie a few days ago and I couldn't be happier! Debbie is wonderful, and has a genuine interest in the welfare of her birds. She's happy to answer any questions you might have. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a budgie or other bird. I can't believe the difference in my hand fed budgie from Debbie, and my two pet store budgies. The hand fed (Jellybean is his name) is bigger, calmer and trusts me a lot more then my other two did when I first purchased them. I'm just so in love with him :) Thanks Debbie Quotes
Teresa Friesen
Very happy

Quotes We were very happy to find a local breeder here in Airdrie. It made choosing the right pet bird easy and fun. Debbie is so knowledgeable about so many different breeds of birds and helped us choose the perfect fit for our musical home. Our Linnie, Angel, loves to sing and we are pleased that he's so tame. Debbie hand feeds all her birds from birth and because she spends so much time caring for them, they become loveable companions. We especially appreciated her availability to help with any questions we had after our bird came home. We highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a new feathery friend. Quotes
Nathan and Alicia
Satisfied Bird Owners

Quotes My son and I decided to get a bird and after a bit of research decided to contact Debbie. We have a beautiful girl named Rocky and after nearly a year could not imagine being without her. Debbie was a HUGE help when we first brought her home as we had never lived with a bird before.. I emailed probably too much, but Debbie was always patient and very helpful. Debbie deserves the highest praise for her treatment of both the birds and us! Thank you!!!!!! Quotes
Super happy bird lover

Quotes My daughter initially wanted a budgie and I was actually slightly afraid of the little feathered friends and somewhat apprehensive about the idea until we met Sophie, a beautiful, yellow lutino budgie - Debbie puts so much love and attention into every one of her birds, they are all so tame and ready to bond with their human family. Sophie is a very loved member of our family, and lives most of her life on one of our shoulders. I would highly recommend Debbie's birds to anyone interested in having a bird as a member of your family. Thanks so much for sharing your passion with us Debbie! Trudy Quotes
Love our little budgie!

Quotes We purchased a blue budgie from Debbie, now named Archie. He is such a handsome boy, he always wakes up super hyper wanting to play. He also has a vocabulary of about 30-40 words and phrases. Debbie is a great breeder and thank you so much for the beautiful little boy we have today. Would recommend her to anyone wanting to get a bird. Quotes
Keeley, The Walsh Family
Very pleased customers

Quotes I have always loved birds and so wanted to have one but i was incredibly scared of them. A year ago i decided it was time to conqour that fear which brought me to Debbie Nason and her wonderful birds. I started out with finches as they required little handling. Debbie sold me a beautiful star finch and so started my relationship with Debbie and all of her birds. I now own budgies and will be welcomging a new linnie to my flock. Over the past year i have gone from not being able to stick my hand in a bird cage to now being able to hold a bird. I no longer have a bird fear but a bird addiction! Debbie has opened her home to me, answered my many questions, phone calls and emails. She has passed on her knowledge of birds and has helped foster a better understanding of these beautiful creatures. I highly reccommend Debbie and her wonderful birds to anyone wanting a feathered friend !! Quotes
Very pleased customer

Quotes Debbie is a wonderful breeder. The whole process was painless and fast. I received my new friend Tico a male Pacific Parrotlet. He has a wonderful temperament and is so open to trying new things it is a breeze to teach and train him. People ask me all the time where I got him from and I have no problem telling them about Debbie. Great Job, Wonderful birds and even now if I have any questions she is still available to answer them. Thanks again for the Wonderful companion Tico. ;) Quotes
Happy Customer